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Meet Our Caring and Professional Team

Meet Shelly

Office Manager                    

Providing Award Winning patient care, Shelly is a California Native with years of experience to offer for the unique needs of our patients. Shelly makes sure that you will be well taken care of from start to finish. Shelly will help secure a convenient appointment time, answer all insurance questions, and make sure you have the most pleasant root canal experience. Shelly offers each patient an amenities comfort list that includes a luxurious blanket, aromatherapy, customized music and more. In her leisure, Shelly enjoys volunteering with her church, attending sport events, and spending time at their lakeside cabin with her husband and daughter.

Meet Britni

Lead Dental Assistant


Britni was singing along with the XM radio that was playing and Dr. Pierre was working his magic…

Britni is a Salinas Valley, CA native. As an accomplished athlete, Britni brings personal and professional experience of cardiovascular health. Britni specializes in chair side assisting and radiology. She is also a member of the American Dental Assistants Association in pursuit of continuing her education towards a fellowship and mastership program. She also hold certificates for CPR, Infection Control and Dental Practice Act. Patients enjoy Britni’s thoughtful, reassuring, professional demeanor. Outside the office, Britni cherishes time with her two children, enjoying the many outdoor activities that the Central Coast has to offer. We congratulate Britni on the below patient testimonial.We congratulate Britni on the below patient testimonial.

…I had a broken tooth for 2 years. I finally got sick and tired of avoiding the dentist (and my insurance kicked in) so I went to my general and he referred me to Dr. Pierre. Boy, were my palms sweaty waiting in the waiting room. After 1.5 hours, I was all done and on my way! I NEVER FELT A SINGLE THING!!! Britni was singing along with the XM radio that was playing and Dr. Pierre was working his magic. I have heard so many horror stories about root canals (as I’m sure you have) but know this, this team has it together and is extremely gentle and thorough. I never even needed an advil. If you are on the fence, don’t put it off. Go see this team, you’ll be glad you did!!!”  Patient Testimonial- Mark of Carmel Valley, CA

Meet Erin 

Dental Assistant

Relieving patients from pain is the most rewarding part of my profession.

Erin is a Pacific Grove, CA native. As a beneficiary of accomplished musicians, Erin brings an artistic, relaxing, soothing approach to her chair side manner. Patients enjoy Erin’s patient, caring, and thoughtful nature. Listening to patients’ fears and putting patients at ease is a talent Erin brings to our office. In Erin’s leisure time she enjoys spending time with her daughter, hiking, and going to the beach.